Sunday, September 1, 2013

Me vs. Humidity

I'm so sick of training in heat and humidity.  I'm sick of the squelching shoes, of running in soaked shorts, the dragging feeling I get while running, and feeling like every other run I do ends in disappointment.  It's all killing my confidence, impeding my progress, and making this marathon training cycle a very shaky ride.

I had told Stevie about my dad riding alongside me during my run yesterday, and asked if she would be willing to do the same sometime.  She offered to join me on my 15 miler this morning.

Well, you might be guessing where this is heading...

I had planned to do three laps of my usual five mile route so that I could swing by the apartment for the gatorade, water and power gels I left there.  Naturally I got started later than I should have because we ate late last night and I was still waiting to digest this morning.  By the end of one lap it was already 88 degrees with 68 percent humidity.  I was soaked in my own sweat, like always, and could feel the heat radiating out of me.  I felt like I was becoming dangerously overheated and decided I needed to call it and try again tomorrow.

So now I don't get a rest day because I have to spend it reattempting my long run, hopefully this time at a reasonable hour.

And here's me dumping ice water on my head after the run:

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