Sunday, September 22, 2013

16 mile Sunday

Attempted 16 miles this morning and ended up doing 16.6.  Thought about doing the last .4 to finish with 17, but I was so thirsty by the end I couldn't imagine going one more step without something to drink.  It was still a good run, though.  Despite the thirst issue I felt strong most of the run.  I can feel the difference in my body from where I was this past summer, and my confidence is building.

Saw this quote on another runner's blog today:

The race always hurts, luv. Expect it to hurt. You don’t train so that it doesn’t hurt. You train so you can tolerate it.
— Mark Rowland, Lauren Fleshman’s coach

Stevie joined me for the first 8 mile lap on her bike, and afterwards ran 8 miles on her own.  Stevie isn't training for anything at the moment but has nevertheless been steadily increasing her mileage lately into uncharted territory.

Stevie: (astonished at how sore/tired/hungry she was) I have a newfound respect for what you put yourself through each week.

Me: you'll get used to it.

We ran out of bandaids awhile ago and I've been using duct tape ever since.  I figure taking them off after each run will toughen me up.

Also, that's what I look like without a shirt on now.  It's been one week since I last had any alcohol and two weeks since my last soda.  When I weighed myself yesterday I was down to 138.  That's 8 pounds down from July when we got back from the honeymoon.  Hopefully I'll be down another 8 pounds by November 17th.


  1. Uhmmmm, BodyGlide® is a thing, you know ;-)

    Good run, and in all honesty, the 8 pounds (or the lack of) are indeed visible.

    1. Haha, yeah, Bodyglide would make sense, and I do use it on my groin, but I've found it wears off on longer runs after awhile.


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