Saturday, September 21, 2013

Running at camp II

I tried, once again, to join Above and Beyond Fitness's training session this morning over in Medford.  Two weeks ago I didn't find them until their workout was almost over and I had already run 9 miles.  Today I found them in time but was informed their weekly Saturday workouts had been canceled because they're too far behind in setting up the obstacles.  Instead, I was invited to join them on their walk through (to show the volunteers the course).  I could do all the obstacles and would still get just as good a workout.

A - no I wouldn't.
B - wasn't I just told not all of the obstacles were completed?

I declined, told them I'd see them at the race in two weeks, and set off on an 8 mile run by myself.  I hadn't brought my Garmin with me so I had to run by time, like in the good old days.  Ran an hour and 11 minutes for good measure.

The bonus of running at camp, aside from running in the woods, is that I can go in the lake afterwards.  I've had a nagging pain in my calf the last few days, so I took off my shoes and went into the lake up to my knees.  Does a body good.

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