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I've been writing in this space since January 2011, and have accumulated quite a few posts over the years ranging in topics from love, theater, work, food, travel, and of course running.  I enjoy writing and do my best to write thoughtful, intelligent, well-written posts (well... when the time allows).

Below is a list of links to the posts that I find especially good.


Qualifying for the first time
Boston changes the rules
What my BQ meant to me
The pain of not getting in
Relighting the fire
Response to the 2013 bombings
Runner's World gets it right
My road to the 2015 Boston Marathon
2015 Boston Marathon Race Recap


That time I met Christopher McDougall
Brave New World
You Shall Know Our Velocity
Books in general
My Best Race



Running = more choices
Chasing the runner's high
Philly Naked Bike Ride
Running vs. jogging
Running vs. jogging part 2
Getting better with age
Pondering death
Thank you Captain Obvious
Running while traveling
On modesty
On enhanced race security
Comparing pregnancy to marathoning
On #whorepants and female runner harassment
Running with the legend of South Beach: The Raven Run of Miami

Do Life

Alternatives to the gym

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