1. Which marathons have you done?
  1. 2005 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 4:29:47
  2. 2006 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 4:12:12
  3. 2007 Twin Cities Marathon (MN) 4:47:47
  4. 2009 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 3:30:58
  5. 2010 Atlantic City Marathon (NJ) 3:39:38
  6. 2010 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 3:09:45
  7. 2010 Rehoboth Seashore Marathon (DE) 3:38:37
  8. 2011 Grandma's Marathon (MN) 3:24:15
  9. 2012 Sugarloaf Marathon (ME) 3:43:41
  10. 2013 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 3:03:05
  11. 2015 Boston Marathon (MA) 3:29:36
  12. 2015 Baltimore Marathon (MD) 3:32:58
  13. 2015 Philadelphia Marathon (PA) 3:01:06
  14. 2017 Boston Marathon (MA) 3:50:55
2. What was your favorite one?

This question should really be "what is your favorite marathon besides Boston?"  So I'll go with Philly.  It's very close to home, and it's a big city marathon which means great expo, great spectators, but without the choking number of runners in cities like NY or Chicago.  The course is also very scenic and passes through many different areas of Philly while staying almost completely flat the whole time.

3. Now that you've qualified for Boston, what other running goals do you have?
  1. Qualify again under the new standards.  (Completed 11/17/13)
  2. Actually run Boston.  (Completed April 20, 2015)
  3. Run a marathon in all 50 states.
  4. Run a sub 3:00 marathon.
  5. Run the Berlin Marathon since I used to live there.
  6. Run all the World Marathon Majors, come to think of it.
  7. Run an ultra.  (Completed 5/18/14)
  8. Inspire others to take up running.
4. Why do you run?

It's an easy and cheap way to stay in shape.  I love the atmosphere on race day and the thrill of pushing myself to my limits.  And I always feel great after a long run.

5. Why do you run marathons?

I'm a "go big or go home" kind of guy, and the marathon seems like the pinnacle in the world of running.  I'd like to get more into ultramarathons, but for now marathons are more common and therefor more accessible, so for now that's my go-to distance.

6. What do you think about when you run for so long?

This is kind of weird but a lot of times I pretend I'm being interviewed, or just talking to someone who doesn't know me and they ask questions about my life, and I answer them. Sometimes I zone out and realize I don't remember anything about the last mile.

7. Would you ever do a triathlon?

I did my first triathlon in August 2014.  I'm not a strong swimmer and don't have a very good bike, but I would still love to do more and improve my time.  Unfortunately triathlons are expensive and I'm just not passionate enough about them to justify spending the money.

8.  What kind of running shoes do you wear?

Nike, but I really have no brand loyalty.  I'll wear whatever is cheap and comfortable.

9. Do you follow a training program?

I am entirely self coached.  I neither train with a coach nor with running partners.  I have a training program that I made up myself, which is based on information culled from various books, articles, blogs, and my own experience.  It varies based on the weather and how my body is feeling, but it works for me.  If you want to know more about my training plan, just ask.

10. Do you run with a Garmin?

For a very long time I didn't.  But I got a Garmin for Christmas 2012 and started using it regularly during Philly 2013 training.

11. Do you run with music?

The short answer is no.  For years I didn't own an iPod, so I just got used to running without music.  Now that I own an iPhone, I still don't bring it out with me.  On the one hand, I have no doubt that Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" would crank my run up to 11 when I'm dragging.  On the other hand, I like being in tune with my body and my surroundings and listening to nothing more than my feet hitting the ground.

12. What's the worst running injury you've ever gotten?

I'm generally a very lucky runner in that I never have to deal with pulled muscles, blisters, black or lost toenails, etc.  That said, I did develop shin splints in my left leg during Philly 2013 training and had to take a week and a half off.

13. Do you ever work out in a gym?

I don't believe in gyms.  I think with a little creativity and will power, you can get into and stay in great shape without having to waste the money on a gym contract.

14. Do you cross train at all?

I ride my bike to and from work in warmer weather, and I swim as much as possible in the summer, but that's about it.

15. What does your diet look like?

Everything in moderation.  I don't believe in paleo or vegetarianism or any other restrictive type of diet.  Generally my diet includes a lot of the following: eggs, chicken, skim milk, pasta, homemade pizza, vegetables and fruit, salad, and turkey and cheese sandwiches.  I probably eat more junk than I should which is usually in the form of candy, soda, beer and greasy bar food.  When I'm training for a goal race, though, I'm pretty good about cutting out soda, alcohol and most junk.

16. What kind of camera do you use?

Most of the pictures on this blog are taken with a Canon Powershot G12.  Sometimes I use the webcam on my Macbook Pro, or I use a picture taken by my old camera, a Pentax Optio 750Z, or I use my iPhone.

17. What is your day job?

I teach high school German here in South Jersey.  Levels 1 - 4 and AP, grades 8 - 12.

18. What interests do you have besides running?

Theater, traveling, movies, books, writing...

19. Favorite movie?

Maybe Wet Hot American Summer or The Big Lebowski.  Nothing beats watching the Dude abide while downing a caucasian.

20. Favorite country visited?

Mongolia.  Crossing the border from Russia was like that scene in Jurassic Park when they pass through the gate into the park for the first time.  Nothing but wild, untamed, unpredictable territory lay ahead.
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