Need some inspiration?  Here are some of my favorite running-related videos:

1. This is a video diary I made of my experience qualifying for Boston in the 2010 Philadelphia Marathon.  One of the greatest moments of my life!

2. Some deeply personal reasons to run, set to a slow, haunting track by Moby.

3. With one lap to go, a runner falls and is nearly trampled by her competitors.  When most would throw in the towel, watch what she does:

The race from vitaly on Vimeo.

4. A fun, ground-eye-view of the Chicago Marathon shot by an average runner.  If you've never run a marathon and want to know what a big city marathon is like, this one does a great job of capturing all the sights and sounds and excitement.

5. More funny than inspiring, but definitely worth a watch.

6. A long-time runner and cross country coach suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease, and the team that ran their hearts out for him.

The Finish Line 2 - Short Feature from Evolve Digital Cinema / IMG on Vimeo.

7. A short documentary in which the filmmakers ask random runners in a park questions about life. Stunning in its simplicity and poignancy.

8. Author, runner and retired professor Bernd Heinrich talks about running and life from his cabin in Western Maine.

9. My first beer mile:

Non-Running Related

1. I made this highlights reel about one of the most insane trips I've ever taken: The Mongol Rally, a charity roadtrip from England to Mongolia.

2. A brief documentary I made about Haddonfield Plays and Players' 2011 production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

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