Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Monday: Prisoners

One thing you may not know about me is that I love movies.  Freaking love them.  I read movie magazines and movie reviews, and on a bright and hot summer day, there is nothing better to me than sitting in a cavernous theater pumped with cold air while my senses are assaulted by sugary soda and marauding robots.  I particularly love big dumb summer blockbusters and ridiculous comedies, but I'll also gladly watch the occasional thriller, drama or what-have-you.

I've decided that since my rest day is on Monday, every Monday after school I'm going to take myself to the movies as a reward for a long week of running.  Today I opted for this movie:

Fantastic movie.  Highly recommend it.  If you can get past Wolverine yelling the whole movie, you'll find it deep, moody, thought-provoking and intense.  It's bound to gain some Oscar love.

Here's the thing about my movie habit, though: I nearly always have to bring movie snacks with me.  This usually means the aforementioned bucket of soda, as well as some kind of candy.  I never go in for the popcorn.  Needless to say, movie snacks and marathon training don't go together well.  So I consider it a personal triumph to have sat through the movie this afternoon with nary a calorie to accompany me.

My dedication knows no bounds.

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