Monday, September 2, 2013

Me vs. Humidity part deux

Well, today's run was one for the books.  Normally Monday is my rest day, but due to not finishing my long run yesterday, I had to try again this morning.

I made sure to finish eating by 6pm last night and went to bed around 10pm.  Wanted to wake up at 6am but that got pushed to 7.  Out the door by 8.  At mile 3 I ran headlong into a giant spiderweb stretched across the trail.  The humidity was just as bad today, so by mile 4 I was soaked with sweat and my shoes were squelching already.  Almost considered giving up again but the heat wasn't as bad as yesterday so I soldiered on.

While drinking Gatorade inbetween laps 2 and 3, Stevie poked her head out the window and asked me what lap I was on.  When I told her I had one to go, she said, "great, so you're feeling better than yesterday!"  "Fuck no!" I yelled back.  Pardon my French.

I was, in fact, feeling miserable, but somehow convinced myself  to head out on the last lap.  That's when things got interesting.

Somewhere along mile 12 the sky opened up in an end-of-days thunderstorm.  The sudden darkness was punctuated by flashes of lightning.  Claps of thunder set off car alarms.  The sidewalks were quickly filled with ankle deep rivers.  In some intersections the water went up to my knees.  The downpour felt amazing, but it certainly didn't make running much easier.  I had to stop and walk twice.

The storm lasted a mere ten minutes, and I trudged on despite my heavy shoes and sudden pain in my hips.  Finally made it home just before Stevie was about to come out and look for me.

And now I sit on the couch, wondering how spiders get from one side of a trail to the other to start their web, but more importantly wondering if I should feel defeated due to yet another difficult run, or triumphant that I finished at all.  Trying to enjoy my last day of summer and mentally prepare myself for school starting again tomorrow.


  1. As shitty as your runs have felt, they are seriously making me feel better! I am training for the Hartford half (a grp of us tried to get into MCM but to no avail! I love Philly but have done it enough that it is time to try new pastures) and my runs lately have been brutal! I live in Cape May and even with the ocean effect, it has been ugly. Def not looking forward to my speed work tomorrow. Hang in there and at least know that someone out here is benefiting from your torture - misery loves company!

    1. Hey Christina, glad to be of service! But yes, it's good to know I'm not alone.


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