Sunday, August 25, 2013

What happens at a bachelor party...

...ends up on my blog.

The groom

Sending off my friend Bob in style last night.  9 hole game of bar golf all over the great city of Philadelphia, including dinner at a bar marked as the "clubhouse" to kick things off, and a brief stop at a club where Bob swears he knew the owner, though things had gotten a little murky at that point.  That makes 11 establishments in one night.  At least I was getting in some cardio.

We played bar golf at my bachelor party several months ago, though I didn't even make the podium that night.  Last night I intended to take it easy and maybe come home early, but my competitive nature took over and I stayed for gold.  Came away with first place, earning myself a shot glass.  Fran came in second and also earned some swag:

3am at PATCO

One thing is for sure: bachelor parties and marathon training don't mix.  At all.  I have 14 miles to do later today and I'm not looking forward to it, to say the least.

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