Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Run for Tony 2013: Race Report

I first ran this race back in 1997 as a high school student.  I had joined the cross country team that year and our coach made us sign up for it.  I finished in over 22 minutes.

I ran the race again last year and finished in 20:46.  It was hot and humid and gross out, and I hadn't been running that much over the summer because I'd been traveling all over Europe, so I wasn't bothered about not breaking 20 minutes.

Tonight I finished in 20:21.

It was just as hot and humid and gross as last year, but I felt like I was running at ludicrous speed and was shocked to round the final corner and see the clock already above 20 minutes.  I've been training like a madman over the past month, including numerous speed sessions, and all it got me was a lousy 25 second improvement over last year.

Like last year, there were several of my students in the race, and like last year, one of them beat me.

It's almost enough disappointment to make me want to give up on this whole marathon business.

Nah, I didn't grow this sweet racing beard for nothin'.

1 comment:

  1. Easily a sub 20 minute effort in cooler weather


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