Saturday, August 10, 2013

A disastrous 12 miler

Stevie and I are driving to Tennessee tomorrow to attend a funeral on Monday.  Normally I do my long runs on Sunday, but because we'll be driving all day tomorrow, I won't be able to.  That means I had to do my long run this morning.

With over a month to go until the Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half and over three months until the full marathon in November, my long runs are already into the double digits.  I wanted to do 12 today, and did, but ended up stopping to walk several times throughout.  As you can see, it took me nearly two hours to finish.

The heat and humidity have been awful these past few weeks.  After the first few miles of each run I can feel my socks and shoes squelching in my own sweat.  My shoes take two days to dry out afterwards.  This morning, at one point in the run, I was literally down on my hands and knees in someone's front yard sticking my face in their sprinkler just for a moment's relief.

When I'm in a training cycle, I tend to give in to the feeling that I'm only ever as good as my last workout. On Thursday night, when I pushed myself to the breaking point at my local track despite the humidity, I felt great.  Like I am going to kill it this fall.  But after today and how weak I felt, I am afraid of what is coming.

I have to keep telling myself that running in conditions like this will only make me stronger once the humidity breaks, and in the meantime, just keep plugging along.

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