Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Monday: Hood to Coast

Here's a fact: if I had enough money, I would travel all the time doing different races around the world.

Here is one on my bucket list which was just run this past weekend.  This trailer is from a documentary about the 2011 race:

Started in 1982, the Hood to Coast relay starts on top of Mt. Hood, Oregon's highest point, and traverses 198 miles to the coast of Oregon.  Teams of 8 to 12 people navigate the terrain over two days every August.  It is the largest relay in the world.

If you're into Nuun, they like to sponsor teams of bloggers to compete, I guess in the hopes that they will then shill Nuun to the masses via their blogs.  I would love to get on one of these teams, but in a turn of reverse sexism, male bloggers are not allowed.

Sigh... Someday.  Someday.

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