Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 running goals update

We're now halfway through the year, so let's check in on the resolutions I made for 2014 and see how I'm doing.

1. Run 2,014 miles.  In progress.  I'm a little under 1,000 right now, so technically I'm behind, but I think a few more 200 mile months should do the trick.

2. Make more running friends.  In progress.  I've joined both the South Jersey Athletic Club as well as a Wednesday night running and beer group and am slowly getting to know everyone involved.

3. Run a Tough Mudder with friends.  Uncompleted.  I'm kind of over mudruns for the moment, so this one is looking unlikely.

4. Run a spring marathon.  Uncompleted.  Had my eye on the Providence Marathon but in the end I just wasn't able to make it happen.

5. Run my first ultra.  Completed.  Ran the Dirty German Endurance Fest 50k right here in Philadelphia on May 18, 2014.

6. Run across the state of NJ.  Uncompleted.  I probably should have done this last spring when I was at my highest mileage, but I didn't get it done.  Hopefully this fall.

7. Run a sub 3:00 marathon.  Uncompleted.  If I am to do this, it would be this fall at the Philly Marathon.

8.  Run a beer mile.  Completed.  Good time and relatively easy as it took less than an hour out of my day.

9. Complete my first triathlon.  Uncompleted.  Dropped the ball on this as I missed all of the spring triathlons.  Hopefully I can find one later this summer.

10.  PR my half marathon time.  Uncompleted.  If I am to do this, my best shot would be at the Rock n' Roll Half in Philly in September, but I am going to a wedding that weekend.  I'll have to find another one this fall.

11. Streak 2014.  In progress.  Haven't missed a day yet.

And how are your running goals going?


  1. About #10, how about the Baltimore half-marathon? Ran it last year and loved it. Huge PR, too.

  2. I almost ran the Baltimore Marathon last year and have been thinking about if I want to try again this year. Would be nice to run another marathon and add another state to the list. But if I'm serious about PRing in the half then I might want to try the half instead. Are you planning on running it again this year?

    1. Scott,
      I won't be running Baltimore this year; it was a coincidence last year (it was the weekend of my annual NFL-Boys-Weekend) and since I'm in Germany it is generally not in the budget to fly out to the U.S. for a race.

      The course is considered hilly, but I didn't feel it was that bad; lots of downhill in the second part of the race, especially the last mile is super fast. I had a 5' PR (1h39 four weeks prior, 1h34 in Baltimore). Ymmv, though :)

  3. Goals for beginning of July for Philly marathon build up:
    Miles per week: 50-55- Current- 40-45
    Weight: 175 Current 185
    Long run; 15-16. Current 11
    Conversation pace; 8:15/mi Current 8;50-9;10
    Excuses: illnesses given to me by 2 year old, injuries, age, "effing heat"
    Joe from Fl

    1. Hey Joe, so it's official? You're doing Philly this year! That's great news. I hope you love the race as much as I do. Good luck training this summer and fall.


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