Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who's Up?

Big night at the weekly group run with Haddonfield Running Company.  First of all, there were about a thousand runners there tonight.  In the summer a lot of local high school coaches send their athletes to join in on the run, so the number of runners swells to epic proportions.  I feel bad for anyone trying to navigate the sidewalks on a Wednesday night in Haddonfield.

One of the guys in Who's Up just had his first baby, and volunteered to bring the beers. Playing on the tradition of fathers handing out cigars to celebrate their newborn child, he brought along a few sixpacks from Cigar City Brewing.

I'm not big on IPA's but damned if that brown ale wasn't one of the best beers I've ever had.

It was also another guy's birthday, so his wife brought in several pizzas and cupcakes.

She failed to bring the forklift to get me out of the building.

One of the guys joked that we'd have to go on a second run to burn off all the crap we just ate.

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