Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 miles

Trying to take advantage of the reasonable temperatures lately, so I knocked out 10 miles this morning, then took a picture of myself in our new backyard:

  • Temps in the low seventies, overcast, and a nice breeze.  I still got soaked in my own sweat due to the humidity.
  • I'm trying to forgo Gatorade and just drink water with the occasional chocolate milk to rehydrate after running.
  • I'm looking a little more feral with each passing day.  I hate shaving so typically during the summer, when I don't have to look professional, I just let it grow.  I'm lucky that I don't need to get a summer job and can just hang out looking like a shipwreck victim instead.
  • It's one of the great tragedies of my life that I can't grow a decent beard.  It's one thing I have in common with Ashton Kutcher and James Franco.

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