Saturday, July 19, 2014

Running in Ocean City

Stevie and I drove to Ocean City today for a surfing competition at the 7th Street Beach. Neither of us are quite at the point of competition, so we just watched from the beach.  I had brought all of my running stuff with me and before long I headed out on an 8 miler.  Some notes:

  • Weather was near perfect.  Cloudy and temperature around 70 degrees.  Very humid so I still got pretty sweaty.
  • I like to run barefoot on the beach, but not for 8 miles.  So I brought my shoes and ran mostly on the boardwalk and sidewalks.
  • At the start of my run I came upon a man in his sixties.  I tried to pass him, but when I sped up, he did too.  On my third or fourth attempt to pass him, he yelled, "your pace is killing me!"  Apparently he often tries to keep up with faster runners when out running because he's too lazy to keep up the pace on his own.  After about two miles together, we parted ways, and he thanked me for pacing him.
  • After running I went to the boardwalk and got two slices of Manco and Manco pizza, a birch beer, and funnel cake.

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