Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer 2014 No Frills Just Thrills Race #4

I missed race #3 two weeks ago (a sort of choose-your-own-adventure race with one loop or two) because I was too busy at the Irish Mile watching the World Cup and stuffing my face with gross bar food.

Tonight's race was a one loop prediction race.  At registration, runners had to write down a prediction time for the 3.65 mile loop.  Then, instead of the fastest runners taking home prizes, the runners who finished closest to their prediction times would win.

I love this concept.  It gives such a unique spin on racing and forces you to concentrate on pacing instead of speed.

I decided to write down 32 minutes for my prediction, which would be just under a 9 minute pace, allowing me to run a leisurely sunset loop and still have a chance at winning.

Just before we started, they checked us for watches.  Runners weren't allowed to use any watches or even MP3 players.  Everybody was forced to run "naked" tonight.

Guy who took my picture: What are you trying to fight the camera?
Me: No, it's to show that I'm not wearing a watch.
Guy who took my picture: Oh... ok.

Well, as it turns out my internal pacing clock needs some work.  I ran what I thought was a nine minute pace but ended up finishing in 29:39, an 8:07 pace.  I was 2 minutes and 21 seconds under my prediction time.  For reference, the winner of the race was in his sixties, finished about eight minutes after I did, but only one second away from his prediction.

So while I didn't get to take home another pint glass tonight, I still loved this race and can't wait to try again next year.

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