Monday, July 14, 2014

Running in Minnesota

Just as I sometimes find myself in Florida on account of Stevie's family, so do I sometimes make it out to the Gopher State to see my sister where she lives just outside of the center of St. Paul.  I don't get out here enough to see her or my nephews, so it's nice when I'm able to make the trip and get in some family bonding time.

It's been an action packed weekend filled with a trip to the Summit Brewery, time at a massive playground called Chutes and Ladders, relaxing by a lake, and watching the World Cup final.

Of course there was some running, as well.

Scenes from this morning's run:

Cathedral of St. Paul with the State Capitol in the distance.

19th century brewery recently renovated into artist lofts.

Schmidt's Brewery

At my sister's house.  Summer beard making a comeback.

8 gorgeous miles in and around St. Paul, retracing some of the steps of the Twin Cities Marathon I ran here in 2007, but mostly just exploring Kirsten's neighborhood.  It was an amazing morning for running: 60 degrees with a light wind and no humidity.  And tonight it's back to the unbearable heat of running in New Jersey.


  1. It's nice that the artists who live in those lofts in the 2nd photo are right across the street from the Golden Arches.

  2. I was just there with the wife and kids just before the flooding. Chain of lakes loop, is my highest recommendation for a run. It will come up on google search. Joe from FL


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