Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 running goals and resolutions

1. Run 2,014 miles.  Seems like a good number for 2014.

2. Make more running friends.  This will probably mean joining the South Jersey Athletic Club and going to more of their events.

3. Run a Tough Mudder with friends.  Not having friends that are into running means doing a lot of races alone.  I did a Tough Mudder last year alone, which wasn't terrible, but I think it could be fun working through it as a team with friends.

4. Run a spring marathon.  As yet undecided, but probably somewhere on the east coast in March or April.

5. Run my first ultra.  Specifically, the Dirty German Endurance Fest on May 18th.  I am a German teacher so this makes perfect sense.  I plan on doing the 50 miler that day.  Go big or go home, yes?

6. Run across the state of NJ.  I mentioned this last year, but I want to make it happen this year.  I plan to start at the Delaware River and finish at the Atlantic Ocean.  It is roughly 50 - 60 miles, so this seems doable.  I plan to buy a Camelback and throw my iPhone and a credit card in it and just go.

7. Run a sub 3:00 marathon.  This will probably be my toughest goal of the year and I'm not thoroughly convinced it will happen.  Of course, I said that about the BQ, didn't I?

8. Run a beer mile.  4 laps around a track.  4 beers.  I can't wait for this one.  

9. Complete my first triathlon.  I've been saying this one for years.  It's been an official entry on my bucket list since I wrote it in 2007.  It's time to finally make it happen.

10. PR my half marathon time.  I will probably target the Rock n' Roll Half in September for this one, and will run a lot more halfs throughout the year in preparation.

11. Streak 2014.  Nudity optional.

2014 is going to be one hell of a year, in ways you or I can't even imagine yet.


And don't forget, if you're interested in a free running book, click here and leave a comment.


  1. I really enjoy your Blog, You remind me of a 10 year younger version of myself. I used to be a high school teacher(and coach) before I had kids, and had time to do Ironman, bike the coast of Florida, colorado Mtn bike adventures.... I am now a Physician asst, and I am the one who told you that u would still run a fast marathon marathon despite a week or so off of training. Anyhow, good luck on your goals, I will be following along... Sub 3 hr marathon may require a professional coach..... Good luck sir.
    Joe from Fl

    1. Hey Joe, thanks for coming along for the ride. I know things are going to change quickly so I'm trying to live and dream big for now. I may not hit all my goals this year but I'm ok with at least trying.

  2. Found you through a post on RW about running hills! Great goals for this year, and I like the carry the tri forward year after year. I haven't written that one down, yet, but it is in the back of my mind! Happy 2014 and good luck on that 2,014 miles.


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