Sunday, October 20, 2013

20 miles and an ice bath

Today I ran a 20 miler for the second time this training cycle.  The last time I did so, I felt amazing the whole time.  And then 3 days later developed shin splints that made me miss my next two long runs.  This past week I returned to a regular training schedule and hit all of my runs without any pain.

After my run today, I decided to try an ice bath.  Somehow after all the years I've been into distance running, I've managed to avoid ice baths.  It seems so cruel to run 20 miles on a chilly day and then come home and have to submit yourself to more torture.

Well, it was cold, obviously, and I only lasted 10 minutes.  Whether or not it does any good in my recovery remains to be seen, of course.


  1. I dont think all hope is lost on meeting your goal.

    1. Thanks anon. We'll see in just a few weeks.

  2. How much ice did you put in the tub?


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