Sunday, October 6, 2013

On food choices

It's Sunday.  My leg started hurting on Wednesday.  I stopped running but still no change.  I was supposed to be out charging around town for 22 miles today.  Instead, let's change the subject.

The state of our fruit bowl

Let's talk about food, shall we?

I've talked about it on this blog before, but I'll mention it again in case anyone is curious how I'm fueling myself.

I've cut out alcohol.  I've cut out soda.  I've almost completely cut out junk food and restaurant food.  I'm doing my best to eat solely homecooked meals.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time buying, preparing and eating food, not to mention cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen afterwards.  I feel like it's a constant battle to get in the calories I need in a healthy way.

Stevie and I have also gotten into juicing.  I get a lot of calories through fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Other go-to meals include: giant salads, turkey and cheese sandwiches, chicken/veggie stir fry, homemade pizzas, veggie chili, veggie lasagne, lots of egg sandwiches with avocado and lots of milk.

Working at a public school, the usual temptations are always available.  The cafeteria serves kid friendly junk, while everyone on the faculty takes turns bringing cakes and cookies and other crap into the teachers' lounge.  I'm surprised at how easy it is to turn all of this down, though.  Having such a tangible goal to work towards helps.

It's weird thinking of myself as on a diet, but that's pretty much what I'm doing.  It's highly unsustainable, between the amount of calories I'm burning and the crazy restrictions I've put on myself, but I believe it's worth it considering how good I feel (all physical injuries aside).

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