Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is what I look like moments after returning from a 22 mile run:

The look of rage was not to be helped.

22 miles in 3:01:08.  I felt good throughout, though I was horribly bored.  I was also frustrated every time I ran around the Cooper River where the annual breast cancer walk was going on.  God bless them, the thousands out there were all there for a great cause, but trying to run around them was a pain.

I feel like I've lost the intensity and the heart I had before I hurt my leg.  I just ran 22 miles today and don't feel any better prepared for a BQ.  The Philadelphia Marathon is three weeks away from today, and I will still do my best to give it hell on race day.


  1. Dude, how many days did u take off for injury? I thought only a week or so. You will have lost "zero" fitness in a week or two of down time. Be confident of that on race day.

  2. Yeah, you do have a point. I took about a week off completely from running, and then it took me another week to slowly get back into it. But I lost a lot of miles in those two weeks, and like I said, I just feel like it dealt a blow to the intensity I was bringing to the training. Running 3:05 is already a long shot, and I needed my training to be perfect. Don't worry, I'll still give it my all.


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