Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's catch up

Over on Tumblr the running bloggers have these "coffee dates" where they post pictures of themselves drinking coffee and pretend to have coffee dates with their readers.

Let's catch up, shall we?

  • I don't actually drink coffee.  Never liked the taste.  That's chai in my marathon mug.
  • I tried running again yesterday.  My leg was finally feeling better, but two minutes into running the pain came back.  I only ran for 12 minutes before giving up.
  • I am pretty sure I am not going to run the Baltimore Marathon this weekend.  I was genuinely looking forward to race weekend, being surrounded by other runners, the excitement of running and finally crossing the finish line... The Philly Marathon is going to be all sorts of stressful due to chasing Boston, so Baltimore was supposed to be "fun."  I'm starting to depress myself.
  • I am also sad about wasting nearly $300.
  • So instead of running this weekend and possibly breaking my leg in the process, I just want to focus on getting back into training for Philly next month.
  • Unfortunately, with the amount of time I'm missing from training, it's looking more and more likely that Boston won't happen this year.  It's hard to adequately explain the disappointment.
  • But I'm still alive.  I'm still married to a beautiful woman.  I'm still gainfully employed.  I'm still healthy.
  • Perspective, right?

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