Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summa time

For the week after Grandma's Marathon, I didn't do a lot of running.  Kathleen got me a two week trial membership to her gym, so I was able to use the pool a lot.  Working different muscle groups while putting less stress on my legs was a great way to spend the recovery period.

The recovery period is now over and I'm back in the phase of maintaining the base mileage until the next time I feel like torturing myself for a few months.  For now, I'm trying to enjoy the summer as best I can, and am just doing simple 4 mile runs, which means everyone who knows me always says "that's it?!" when I tell them how far I ran that day.

And when I'm not running or swimming, I'm doing backflips on the beach.  Anything to keep up with the fitness.

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