Saturday, March 19, 2011

Haddonfield 5k race report

The race went a lot better than I thought it would.  I had no idea where to place myself in the crowd at the start.  Normally I try to stand close to the start line, but as mentioned in my previous entry, that would get me run over by an Olympian or two in this race.  I placed myself a short distance from the starting line but guessed wrong about the ability of the people surrounding me.  I spent the first twenty seconds trying to dodge and weave and not trip over people until I finally cut a sharp left to the edge of the road where I was able to sprint ahead at my own pace.

The rest of the race was a breeze.  One gradual hill, then back onto Kings Highway with the finish line in sight a half mile in the distance.  I heard the announcer saying there were still 30 seconds left to break 20 minutes, so I started sprinting and thinking, "here comes THE KICK!"

Photo by Wayne Partenheimer

My official chip time: 19:37.  At this rate of progression, I'll break my high school PR of 18:29 in no time.

After the race my dad and I met up with his old running buddy Mike Geiger:

Mr. Geiger was a sub 3:00 marathoner in his day and reckons I have a sub 3:00 in my future.  At least for the immediate future, I just have my sights set on a sub 19:00 5k.

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  1. Pretty good time for someone who said before the race that he'd be happy to break 21! And thanks for the photo credits.


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