Monday, November 16, 2015

Movie Monday: Mind Games

This week's Movie Monday comes to you from Suze, who sent this video to me on Facebook.

How many of us have played mental games with ourselves before heading out on a run.  How many excuses to we find when the alarm goes off?  How long before we beat those excuses back and finally make it out the door?  How long do we let distractions like this Facebook and Twitter and this amazing blog and hell - videos like this - keep us from the run?

If you're like me, it could last hours.

Skip the pre-run games, says videographer Casey Neistat, and get into your run so you can get into the real mental games.

"I wonder if I'm faster than that taxi... I wonder if I can take a leak without getting arrested... How many times do my feet hit the ground in a minute?"

These are the thoughts that drive you through your run.  Let your mind wander or tune into the asphalt ahead.  Just get out there.

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