Monday, November 2, 2015

20 mile Sunday

Me: I'm going for a run.
Stevie: How far?
Me: 20 miles.
Stevie: After yesterday's half marathon?!
Me: Can't stop won't stop!

Running a 20 mile training run might have been a questionable decision so close after Saturday's PR in the half marathon.  Don't follow my lead, folks.  My reasoning behind it is while I'm happy with how my tempo runs have been going, I still wanted to add some miles to my legs to get them used to the distance in addition to the speed.

So I knocked out another 20 miles along my usual routes around town yesterday, stopping back at my place for gels and water.  I felt strong throughout and not at all fatigued from the previous day's race.

Less than three weeks to go until the marathon...

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