Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter's swan song

Winter decided it didn't want to go out without a fight and dumped a few inches of snow on South Jersey throughout the course of the day today.  Not quite as much as last time, but enough to make me ball my fists in consternation like a villain in a superhero movie.

So I spent the first day of spring this year running ten miles in soggy, heavy snow.  I've been running in just shorts lately, some runs even just a short-sleeved shirt, and couldn't believe I had to dig out all of my usual winter running paraphernalia again.

I did my standard 10 mile route that takes me through the woods a bit and up every hill I can find in South Jersey.  Took me 1:29 to finish.

March 20th: who would have thought?

I'd like to think that with this last snowstorm, the worst of winter is finally behind us.  Maybe now people will finally stop calling me crazy for running outside.  

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