Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Boston Marathon Wave and Corral

Thanks for the input about the Boston Marathon jacket, everyone.  I'm definitely leaning towards buying it now, but I still haven't pulled the trigger yet.

In other Boston Marathon news, bib, wave and corral numbers have been posted.

They put the fastest runners in the front and assign them the lowest bibs.  I'm told these become a bit of a status symbol, with the lowest bibs/waves indicating the fastest runners.  #5005 out of 30,000 runners isn't so bad, eh?

Starting in the first wave also means I'll be starting close to 10:00, meaning an earlier finish, meaning I can have my first beer that much sooner.  Priorities.

Just over a month away!


  1. This is so exciting! Okay, If the bib numbers are an indication of where BAA thinks you'll finish, then you've got to go beat that bib number! Last year, the guy that Finished in 5,005th place ran Boston in 3:13. If you PR by a second, based on last years finishers, that puts you in 2,864th place.
    Also, being in corral 6 of wave 1 is an excellent place to start. When they let your wave go, you will have so much traffic, that it will almost force you to ease into your pace. The best advice I have heard is that you should pass NO ONE for the first half. This will give you the ability to handle the (much tougher) second half. When you run local races, you blow by everyone to get to the lead pack. At Boston, everyone around you is just as fast as you, if not faster. Fighting to pass them at mile 3 will only hurt you later.
    Really looking forward to your race report! This is gonna be wicked awesome!
    Tom K.

  2. It's interesting that they don't ask runners their projected finishing times, but instead seed them based on their BQ race time. I ran my BQ almost a year and a half ago and don't think I'll come close to it at Boston. Hell, I'll just be happy if I come in under 3:30.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm and yes, it is going to be wicked awesome!


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