Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday night run party

Almost every Wednesday, I head two towns over to the Haddonfield Running Company for their weekly group run.  I've done this group run off and on for the past decade, but only started going regularly a little over a year ago.

As I've mentioned before, some of the guys started an informal club called "Who's Up?"  Each week someone new brings the beer for the entire group, leading to the eternal question and our club's name.

Some nights we just drink our beer and head home, but other nights, like tonight, end up as an impromptu party.

I love the Haddonfield Running Company for so many reasons, and one is their penchant for partnering with local races and national shoe companies.  Tonight saw Brooks, the ODDyssey Half Marathon and their beer partner Sly Fox all setting up shop in the store.

I had volunteered to be up this week, but wasn't sure how much beer I would need since I knew Sly Fox would be there.  Turns out they were only giving out 4oz. samples, and when I opened the cooler I'd brought, everyone descended upon it like vultures.

Also, Ron won a freaking pair of Brooks:

And Larry's wife made us amazing baked goods, which has become a regular occurrence.

I love this store and I love this group.  Even if they take the group picture without me.


  1. May your group keep running as long as the Jackson Road Striders!

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