Thursday, March 5, 2015

The snow run to end all snow runs

Received word at 4 o'clock this morning that school was cancelled for the day.

Except for those in warmer locales.  Sorry, you will never know this joy.

When I woke up at 6, I saw nary a snowflake on the ground.  I assumed our superintendent had blown the call, and we had wasted our final snow day of the year.  We only get three built into the schedule, and after that we have to start making them up.

And then it began.

The snow didn't let up for the entire day, coating my area of South Jersey in about 8 inches.

But you know where this is going... I had to go running.  I had 10 miles planned for the day, and saw no reason to cancel the run on account of a little snow.

Stevie took a picture of the snow before I headed out.

Me: Oh great, now you're going to put that picture on Facebook telling everyone how crazy I am.
Stevie: Well I was just going to text it to Sheila, but now it's going on Facebook.

I had a massive breakfast burrito for breakfast, and was finally ready to run around 3pm.  It wasn't as bad as the last time I ran in the snow, mainly because most of the sidewalks and streets were already cleared by the afternoon, even as more snow fell.  Most people had stayed home or were now home for the day, so I had few cars to contend with.  I had the peaceful, quiet streets to myself.

Because it was still snowing pretty hard, I wore my old ski goggles.

I ran out to Haddonfield so I could run in Crows Woods on a small network of trails.  I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the woods are in the middle of or just after a large snowstorm. Absolutely breathtaking.  And I had the entire place to myself.  This is one of the few times I wish I ran with my phone so I could have taken pictures.

When I returned home after 10 snowy miles, I was tired and cold, naturally, but filled with a deep satisfaction at having conquered the elements.

It was an exhilarating run, and not without its challenges and hardship.  But as with anything in life, the greater the effort put forth, the greater the potential for reward.

And now nothing in life will possibly taste as good as the porter I am going to drink tonight.

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