Sunday, March 8, 2015

500 miles

I had scheduled another 20 miler today, but I decided to put it off for a few reasons.  I ran 68 miles last week, and the exhaustion has started to get to me.  I had an especially hard time getting out of bed this morning, which is not normal for a Sunday when I've had a decent amount of sleep the night before.

Various life stressors have taken hold as well, including increasing work demands and the ubiquitous lack of sleep from living with a baby at home.

And on Friday I started to feel a strain in my left calf that continued to last night.  I wanted to give myself a chance to rest it and not aggravate it further.

I know calling off the 20 miler was the smart decision, because listen to your body and blah blah blah... But it doesn't make me feel any less guilty.  Runner's guilt is strong, and we put the most pressure on ourselves to succeed.

I did, however, fit in a simple 5 miler, and with those 5 miles I passed the 500 mile mark for the year to 501.

1/4 of the way there!  Here's to the next 3/4 of the challenge, and staying healthy through the year!

1 comment:

  1. Well Done on the 500!
    I'm with you on the guilt, but you were smart to rest.

    Tom K.


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