Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day #3

We've been nearly socked in by the level of snow we had today.  It started at around 10 o'clock this morning, so we had a half day today, and I just got the call that school is cancelled tomorrow.  That makes one two-hour delay, one half day, and now three snow days.  After tomorrow, we're all out of snow days for the year and will have to start making them up.

Stevie is now doing an uncanny impression of me from earlier this year when I was complaining how we hadn't had a good snow day in awhile, because now that we keep getting them they keep coming at terrible times (our marking period ends Friday and midterms are next week).

Now she's noticing how I keep track of my years by school year instead of calendar year. Stevie stop reading while I type.

Now she's laughing.

At any rate, the snow has not kept me from running.  I still made it out today for a very cold and windy mile.

It was like Tokyo Drift out there, both in the car and out.

Stay warm my friends.

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