Monday, January 27, 2014

Movie Monday: Somm

Take a moment to review everything you know about wine.

All set?  Good.  Now watch this movie and realize you actually know next to nothing:

I don't know much about wine, myself.  There's a reason this blog isn't called "I Thought They Said Wine."  Other than the obvious fact that it doesn't rhyme with "run."

I know wine comes in red and white and is made from grapes.  I also know that planes fly and yellow snow is not to be eaten.  The truth is, the true scope of wine's dizzying varieties is beyond my grasp, much like wielding the full power of the English language is beyond the grasp of a toddler.

But I loved this movie.

It details the efforts of four young men as they study for and take the exam to become a Master Sommelier, the highest possible ranking in the world of wine.  The exam is given once a year, takes three days, and covers everything under the sun related to wine: history, regions, languages, food pairings, service, theory, etc.  As they say in the film, it's the hardest test you've never heard of.  Since the first exam in 1969, only 214 people have ever passed.

It should come as no surprise to you, dear reader, that I started to draw comparisons to Boston. The worlds of recreational distance running and extreme wine tasting are about as similar as Justin Bieber and Queen Elizabeth, mind you.  But that drive that causes people to see a challenge and be instantly drawn to it is what makes this documentary so relatable. Everyone's Boston is different, but the dedication, sacrifice and hard work it takes to get there are always the same.

What is your Boston?

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