Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 Haddon Twp Turkey Trot Race Report

Thanksgiving is now the most popular race day in the United States, but I had to wait until today for my local turkey trot.  The town where I teach hosts an annual 5k that starts and finishes at a bar with free breakfast afterwards.  It doesn't get better than that.

It was cold this morning - in the 20's - but little wind on a flat course.  This was my first 5k since last August, and I'm in distinctly better shape than I was then, so I was hoping to break 20 minutes today.  I ran the first mile in 5:55, and I thought I might even have a shot at a PR, but my second mile slowed to 6:15.  I thought I might still break 19 minutes, but instead finished the race in 19:19.    I was trying to keep pace with the first female, a girl I know from the local running store, but came up short there as well as she passed me in the final mile.  I came in 25th place out of more than 600 runners, and 3rd in my age group.  My dad ran the race as well and finished in 35:29, faster than his time from last year.  My stepmother Debbie walked the one mile race.

After the race I got a free breakfast sandwich and donut, but passed on a drink from the bar (which was open and doing a brisk trade amongst the other runners).  If I'm going to drink in the morning, I want to feel like I earned it, which means I would need a half marathon or at least a new 5k PR to start imbibing. 

When I came home, a large holiday parade was going on right outside my window.

I saw the Philly Phanatic go by, as well as a hundred high school marching bands.  

Not a bad morning, all in all.

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