Saturday, November 9, 2013

For the birds

Thanks to my lovely wife, I flew a plane today.

Years ago while writing my bucket list, inspired by two of my grandparents who had their pilot's licenses, I added the same goal to the list.  Two months ago Stevie decided to make an introductory flying lesson my birthday present.

So we spent the afternoon at Crosswinds Flight School today.  Stevie sat in the back of the tiny four seater while I sat up front and learned what all the dials and gadgets did.  We cruised at roughly 1,800 feet and the flight instructor had me make several turns.  I found that adding an extra dimension made it very challenging on top of keeping track of all the dials.  I was practically death gripping the controls before handing them over for the descent.

Sadly, I found out that getting a pilot's license would take roughly a year and cost roughly $9,000.  While I enjoyed the experience today, I'd have to be extremely passionate about it to keep at it.

For the time being, I'll just keep spending my hard earned cash on running.

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