Saturday, February 12, 2011

Princeton Cupid's Chase 5k

Kathleen ran the first race of her life today here in Princeton, NJ, the Cupid's Chase 5k.  Her goal was to break 40 minutes, and she finished in 39:56. Because it was her first 5k, she automatically ran a PR!  Kudos to Kathleen for setting a goal and meeting it, and for giving it her all these past few weeks.

As Kathleen's friend Lauren pointed out, "one race down, and a lifetime to go."

About to finish

The gimmick of this race series, held in 10 states around the U.S. today, is that runners wear red shirts if they are single and looking, and white shirts if they are unavailable.  Despite being given a free pass to do so, I still couldn't be that guy wearing the shirt of the actual race.

The race began with about 300 people lined up on the partially blocked street outside of a strip mall.  A NJ State Senator began the race with a countdown and a starting gun, but not before someone in the crowd yelled out, "take your shirt off and put it on Facebook!" an uncouth reference to Chris Lee.

"How disrespectful," commented Kathleen.  "Disrespectfully awesome."

I finished the race in a respectful(ly awesome) 20:45.  Pretty far off the 19:26 I ran last May, but considering this is the first race of the season and we're still in frigid February, I'll take it.


  1. In her next race maybe Kathleen will set a new PR.

  2. And then she can subscribe to a new magazine and get a free gift.


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