Monday, August 31, 2015

August mileage

This year's mileage:

January: 198
February: 231
March: 281
April: 121.2
May: 159.1
June: 112.3
July: 145.4

And August:

210.1 miles for the month of August, bringing me to a total of 1457.1 for this year.  I'm ahead of schedule to break 2,015 miles for this year with two very big mileage months coming up.  I could end up passing 2,015 miles by the end of November, which would coincide nicely with completing the Philadelphia Marathon.

August was a tough month as I readjusted to a marathon training schedule and dealt with virtually no rain and an unusually high percentage of days with temperatures in the nineties. The school year is starting back up as well which will present its own set of challenges.

Truth be told, I'm kind of tired of counting miles and am looking forward to 2016 when I can run as little or as much as I want to with no major goal races on the horizon.  Until then, only four months to go...

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