Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 SJAC No Frills Just Thrills Race #5

This morning I ran 10 miles with the last mile at a 6:30 pace.  It felt great to push the effort on a hot August morning.

Then I developed stomach issues this afternoon, but because I'm a glutton for punishment (aren't all marathoners?), I still headed over to the Cooper River tonight for the 5th race in the South Jersey Athletic Club's "No Frills Just Thrills" race series.  Amy came with me and acted as my official race photographer.

She took more pictures of her dog than me, though.

This week's race was a staggered start race, with ten different heats offered.  Runners consulted a chart with predicted paces and finishing times next to the ten heats, then signed up for the appropriate one.  The idea is that the slowest runners get to start first, with each heat separated by 3 minutes.

Out of ten heats, no one signed up for the tenth, four runners signed up for the ninth, and I mistakenly signed up for the eighth.  I was tired from the start and everyone in my heat quickly flew ahead of me.  I caught up with a few high school girls from the seventh heat about halfway through the race, and shortly before the end most of the guys from the heat behind me passed me.

Final stats:

Gun time: 45:55
Actual time: 24:55
Overall place: 71st (out of 92)

 Summer is winding down, and only one race to go in this series.  How's your summer running going?

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