Monday, August 24, 2015

14 mile Monday

To make room for yesterday's shenanigans, I had to push my long run to this morning. Thankfully because I'm a teacher and still on summer break, I can swing a schedule shift like this.

14 miles on tap for this morning.  Pleasantly cool but still a fair bit of humidity left in the air. Overall it took me an even 2 hours to finish it, including one bathroom break and one water/gel break.  The pace wasn't exactly blazing but I was pleased to note how good I felt throughout the run.  Gone was that death march feeling running in August usually elicits.

I felt strong today, despite being drenched in sweat like so many previous runs this summer. It was rewarding to watch the work I've put in so far already start to pay off.

In a marathon training cycle, it's normal to experience ups and downs.  One only feels as confident as the last workout, and in the wake of a poor workout it's easy to succumb to the feeling that all is lost.  The feeling after a workout that went well, then, is an extraordinary confidence booster, and in the long run, confidence and mental fortitude can sometimes count more than physical capability.

Not only was it a solid training run, but I also crossed over the 1,400 mile mark on my journey to run 2,015 miles this year.  I also found an unopened can of Bud Light at mile 13.  Wins all around today.

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