Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015 Miami Marathon Kick-Off 5k

I'm down in Florida for the umpteenth time of my life visiting the in-laws, and Stevie decided to continue her 5k kick by signing us up for another one this morning.  The Miami Marathon is held every January, and every August they hold a 5k to kick off training season.  Because nothing is better in life than training for a marathon in Florida in August.

We left Neale with his grandfather and left around 6am for Hollywood, FL, just outside of Miami.  The race started on a pathway right next to a tiny waterpark/playground area with indoor bathrooms.  The race field was about 200, but we didn't have to deal with port potties or absurdly long lines either.

On the other side of the playground was the beach.  Because the race started at 7am, we were just in time for the sunrise:

Sunrise in Florida

I agreed to run with Stevie so as to pace her to a PR.  She set her PR (34:06) just last month at a 5k in which she pushed the stroller for the majority of the race, so she was pretty confident she could pull it off today.

Stevie's high school friend and her husband were also there:

Pre-race game faces

The course was a simple out and back with the first and last mile along the beach, and the middle mile practically in a tunnel of mangrove trees.  Needless to say, it was pancake flat.

We started out at an 8 minute pace in the excitement of the race, but quickly settled into a pace just under 10 minutes.  As I continued to check the watch and continued to note we were staying under a 10 minute pace, we thought we might be able to go sub 30.

In the last half mile we tried to pick up the pace, but unfortunately fell just short of sub 30 by running 30:07.  But still a 4 minute PR for Stevie.  On a chilly, fall morning with zero humidity, I have no doubt that Stevie will crush the 30 minute mark in a 5k.

Post race sweaty selfie

Every runner received a tech shirt that indicated he or she is training for the Miami Marathon, so I joked with Stevie that we're just going to have to come back in January to run it.  Every finisher received a medal, and I learned that the winner of my age group finished in 19:44.  If I had gone at my own pace I might have been able to win a giant palm tree shaped medal, but I don't regret "coaching" Stevie one bit.  It was great to run as a couple and see her accomplish a goal and set new ones with her for the future.

Another great race in the books.


  1. If still in FL, consider doing the Raven Run. It is a non formal run in Miami beach with just an ordinary guy that his simply run the same 8 mile course everyday, 356 days per year for only about 40 years.

  2. Hey Joe! I almost made a comment in this post about the Raven Run directed to you! I remembered your comment on a post a year or two ago about it and checked it out and it sounds awesome. I'm going to try to make it Monday night but it just depends on if I can borrow a car from someone in my wife's family. Hopefully it'll work out. Interested to see what my nickname will be.


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