Friday, February 20, 2015

The runner's log

I finally invested in a proper running log for this year.  I still like looking at my mileage on a calendar so I can see each day's total for the month, but now I can also include extra info like time, how I felt, where I ran, and of course the temperature.

I am in awe of how cold it has been this month, and what it takes to run in such low temperatures.  I don't know that I've ever seen the month of February this cold in New Jersey, nor have I ever logged this many miles in the month of February before (I am on track to break 200).

That said, my running log is starting to resemble the diary of someone in a Russian gulag.

Some choice entries:

     "Cold.  Always cold."

     "Another run into the heart of darkness."

     "Too much wind.  Too much running."

     "When will it end?"

Some days I think about how dumb my hobby really is.  But then I remember, just as slogging through the summer humidity makes those runs on perfect fall days seem incredible, so too will these frozen runs make spring runs all the more perfect.

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