Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boston is 75 days away

I've never trained for an April marathon before, and so I've never logged so many miles in the winter before either.  I've joked with Stevie that this is going to be my first and last Boston Marathon for that very reason.  I don't really care for running in the cold, you see.

Luckily this winter hasn't been nearly as severe as last year's, and luckily I live in New Jersey and not New England.  It's been cold, but we've dealt with very little snow here this season, as opposed to the people with their trenches a.k.a. sidewalks up north.

Swearing off the treadmill can certainly make me feel badass, but it has its drawbacks.  Night after night I find myself bundling up and trudging out into the cold and wind for another run, and it's starting to wear on me.  Maybe I need to back off on the mileage for a bit, or just find some new running routes.

Due to the bombings in 2013, the average person has heard about the Boston Marathon and may even know of its legacy and stringent qualifying standards.  As a result, when I meet someone new and talk inevitably turns to my running, they are pretty impressed with the fact that I'm training for Boston.

Sometimes I even impress myself.

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  1. This 7-time marathoner who never broke 3:51 is sure impressed!


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