Saturday, February 21, 2015

8 miles in the snow

What do you do when you've spent all day on your feet with a fussy baby, there are six inches of snow on the ground and more falling, and it's going to be dark in a half hour, but you have eight miles of running to do?

You pour yourself a hot chocolate, lace it with Bailey's and settle into the couch for a rigorous session of Netflix.


Ha.  You must be new here.

No, instead you suck it up and go running.

After.  That's an icicle hanging from my eyebrow.

It was like running 8 miles on a Slip N' Slide.  While I certainly burned a decent amount of calories and got my heart rate moving, I don't know that it was a great marathon training run. Everything about the run was erratic - my pace, my stride, my form, my breathing...

Yes, it was a difficult run, and I probably would have gotten more bang for my buck on the treadmill, but in the end it's 8 more miles down, and 8 miles closer to Boston.

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