Sunday, February 1, 2015

Church of the Sunday Long Run and January mileage

Ran an 18 mile long run today and passed the 200 mile mark for the year.  The last two miles were cold and exhausting, but I stuck it out to finish strong.

Yesterday I finished out January with a 6 miler:

I managed to knock out 197 miles for the month, which means I tripled my amount from this time last year.  It helps that winter has been considerably milder this year, not to mention the desire to give my all for Boston.

I'm happy with the steady, slow progression throughout the month, adding only a few miles per week with two mile increments in my long runs.  The plan is to keep increasing slowly for the next week or two, then back off for a week or two to give myself a chance to rest, then ramp up again until I hit a 100 mile week.  I might have to add in two-a-days to do so, which I'll also introduce slowly.

A 100 mile week would be cool, but as always I'll be listening to my body and will back off at the first sign of distress.  No point in arriving at Boston injured.

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