Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First snow day of 2015

Always a pleasure to see the above message on your district's website the night before a snow storm.  Well, until you get six snow days in one season and countless half days and two-hour delays like last year...

So midterms week at school was interrupted by our first snowday of the school year today. Turns out my area of New Jersey only netted about three inches, but still enough to make running a little more challenging.  I'd forgotten how tiring it can be to run in the snow, and how every run feels like double the distance once you've finished.

I realize I have two streaks going at the moment: one for running at least a mile every day (since November 2013), and one for avoiding the treadmill (last treadmill run in July 2013). Sadly, these two streaks don't always mix well.

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