Sunday, January 25, 2015

16 mile Sunday

Church of the Sunday Long Run is progressing nicely.  Knocked out 16 miles this afternoon. Compared to the polar vortex we experienced last winter, it's been pretty mild so far this year, and I ran today in just shorts and a long sleeved shirt.  I hear there's a snow storm on the way, though.  Just in time for midterms at school this week...

I felt sluggish at the end of today's run, perhaps because I never had a proper rest day after last week's long run got moved to Monday, and on Tuesday I went right ahead with the next week of training.

The goal is to hit a string of 22 milers, maybe even longer, and complete one 100 mile week this training cycle.  At the first sign of over-exhaustion or excess pain, though, I may pull the ripcord and bail.

So, all things considered, training is going well so far.  85 days until Boston.

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