Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday 8 miler

I only have so many beautiful Sunday afternoons left in which to knock out a decent run, so I wanted to take advantage of it today.  Soon I'll be breaking out the wool hat, the running pants, the layers and layers of long sleeved shirts, and even the old ski goggles.  But for now I managed to get in 8 miles in pretty perfect conditions.

Training for the 2015 Boston Marathon is slated to start in about a month, and I want to go into it with a solid base.  My run streak is helping me keep up the habit, and going semi-long on Sundays is helping keep up the base.

I'll write a more specific post about what my Boston training will look like, but for now I can assume it will mimic training plans of the past: running six days a week, long runs on Sunday and rest day Monday (though I will still run a mile to maintain the streak), no alcohol, etc.

I know it will be tough training over the winter, but it's also been over a year since I've trained hard for something (I don't even feel like I trained that hard for the ultra last spring), so I'm looking forward to a training lifestyle again.


  1. New challenges getting in training zone when you are new father. I am sure you can do it, but many obstacles ahead.

  2. Thanks, Joe. It's definitely been challenging, and here's hoping it gets better soon!


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