Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fool in the snow

I'll run in the snow 'till I'm breathless,
When I'm breathless I'll run 'till I drop.
The thoughts of a fool's kind of careless,
I'm just a fool waiting on the wrong block, oh yeah.
Light of the love that I've found...

Snow day #5 today.  Now we have to make up one of the days during spring break.  

I ran 5 miles in the snow this morning.  Not the light, fluffy variety we saw last month when temps were in the teens, but rather the heavy, sludgy variety seen when temps hover right around freezing.

In addition, I was pelted the whole time by a mixture of snow and freezing rain, prompting the decision to bring my old ski goggles with me.  First time I've ever run with goggles on.  Highly recommended.

It was extremely slow going, especially through a brief section of woods where I made first tracks in the snow, and by the time I finished I felt like I'd run double the distance I actually did.

Me: I'm running my usual 5 mile route.  
Stevie: Ok.
Me: If I don't come back, don't remarry.
Stevie: Got it.

While I'm not getting in the miles I could be if I had access to a treadmill, I have no doubt that the running I'm doing now is toughening me up.  Come spring time, I will be in amazing shape and ready to tackle some serious races.

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