Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Running distilled

Pictures from the Runner's World Half are in, and there's one that I really like:

This was in the homestretch of the race, that part of a race when the crowd gets bigger and the finish line finally comes into view, when you feel a surge of emotion and pride and enjoy it all even more for the hard work it took to get here.

In the case of this race and photo, the hard work didn't result in a PR.  But the hard work over the past few months was not limited to only running.  This was my first race since becoming a father, and that finish line after a tough race and a tough few months came to symbolize all the hard times I've overcome.

I love this picture because it so perfectly sums up everything I feel about running.  I'm what you might describe as a serious runner.  I do it all: hill work, speed work, tempo runs, cross training, you name it.  I put in extraordinary effort to achieve rather arbitrary goals with only intrinsic rewards.   With only the number on the clock as a reward, sometimes it's nice to have a reminder that there is more to it.

I wasn't even mugging for the cameras in this photo.  I was simply caught up in the moment and leaving it all out on the course.  And if I can't run a PR, I will take this as a close second.

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